Surveying the Damage and Making a Plan


Take a deep breath.  Before you start the hard work of cleaning up you need to determine the extent of the damage and make a plan so you can make the most of your time and that of your helpers, if you have them. You will need to determine what you can do safely, and what to let go.  Nothing is worth risking your own safety or that of your helpers.

Chill out.  You are going to have to set priorities.  You have just suffered a major loss, but if you can summon a cool eye to set priorities, you will be much more effective. 

Take it easy.  Don't be too tough on yourself or those around you.  An emergency is always stressful. Try to recognize your own limitations and those of others under the circumstances.

This section and those on Salvage and e-Salvage will help you get started and make decisions. If you have a Studio Protector Wall Guide, pull out those booklets and keep them handy for basic tips. Grab your clipboard, camera, and protective gear and let's get started.

Artist-to-Artist Video

My heart kind of sunk...

Furniture maker Gary Spykman talks about a flood that affected his studio.