Resources for Art Salvage

Non-profit conservation services and organizations have produced (and/or indexed) a variety of web-based disaster recovery information resources useful not only to art collecting institutions, but also applicable to artists dealing with salvage issues. Here is a selective list to consult for further research:


Conservation Online (CoOL) The Disaster Preparedness and Response section indexes art conservation organizations, professionals, and services (and their specialties) plus links to key web-based resources.

Disaster Mitigation Planning Assistance A database (searchable by geography and key words) of disaster experts, specialty supplies and commercial services relevant to salvaging art—yours and others—in your studio.

The American Institute for Conservation is a membership organization for the art conservators in the United States and abroad. If you need to locate a conservator near you, use their find-a-conservator service.

Information Resources

Minnesota Historical Society This user-friendly website focuses on emergency procedures for salvaging wet items in all media (supplemented by links to other online bulletins, fact sheets, and charts).

The National Park Service offers technical “Conserve-O-gram” leaflets on the care of collections and what to do with art (and artifacts) damaged by water and ash/soot.

See Resources for Treating Paper-Based Items