Resources for Treating Damaged Paper Based Items

RAP, the Regional Alliance for Preservation, has several members throughout the United States who have field service programs that provide phone assistance in an emergency. 

The Northeast Document Conservation Center, a RAP member, has a number of technical leaflets on preparedness and salvage posted at its site, and runs a 24/7 hotline at 978-470-1010. 

Heritage Preservation is a national organization that hosts the Alliance for Response forums around the country. Their website has a number of links to local resources that might be helpful during a regional emergency.

Munters and Belfor-US are two of the large salvage vendors in the United States. with resources in every part of the country. They have freezer and freeze-drying facilities.  

The Minnesota Historical Society has a fabulous salvage website and provides good technical leaflets as well as up-to-date links to other web resources.

The National Park Service offers technical “Conservogram” leaflets on the care of collections and what to do with damaged artifacts.

The American Institute for Conservation is a membership organization for the art conservators in the United States and abroad. If you need to locate a conservator near you, use their find-a-conservator service.

The Library of Congress: Emergency Drying Procedures for Water Damaged Collections