Studio Protector Trainers' Webinars

Craig Nutt, Webinar Presenter

CERF+’s Studio Protector, our disaster readiness and survival toolkit now includes webinar options.  These webinars are free of charge and were scheduled monthly during the first half of 2011.  CERF+ is now scheduling webinars for Fall of 2011. They are identical sessions so please sign-up for only one. Arts consultant Susan Schear and CERF+ Director of Programs Craig Nutt (and the creative director of the Studio Protector) will co-lead a 30-minute presentation,  followed by a 15-minute discussion session via conference call. 

These “train the trainer” sessions grew out of feedback we received over the past year from people enthusiastic about the Studio Protector toolkit, but needing coaching in how to interest artists in a “taboo” subject (as one administrator confessed,  “emergency management ranks up there with tooth extraction” in terms of its attraction).  
This webinar is designed for:

  • arts business consultants

  • program administrators (including service organizations, state arts agencies, artist residency programs, etc.) 

  • teaching artists 

  • arts foundation officers 

  • and others who can introduce the importance of emergency planning as part of professional development activities to groups of artists.  

While there is no charge for the webinar, you would be making a commitment to incorporate a short presentation (10 minutes) about the toolkit soon after the session (within 4-8 weeks). This could be through any kind of technical assistance (workshop, consultancy, networking/referrals, etc.).  We will also seek your feedback (via an online evaluation) about our training session.  

Please contact for a webinar schedule and further information on participating. We're very excited about the prospect of your participation!

CERF+’s new webinar program is made possible with funding from the Windgate Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, and Joan Mitchell Foundation.