Studio Protector ® Wall Guide

The Studio Protector is the one tool no studio artist should be without (if you want to cover your A’s that is − your art, assets, and archives).

The complete, enjoyable-to-use disaster kit designed by artists for artists makes the dull details of emergency preparedness a little less tedious for creative types of all stripes – artisans, graphic designers and fine artists.

The Studio Protector is designed to be wall-mounted like a calendar. It features two spinning wheel charts that explain how artists can plan ahead for emergencies and reduce the impact of a disaster. Five “pocket protectors” or pullout guides provide detailed information about what to do in the minutes before  a disaster strikes, how to clean up after a calamitous event and how to salvage fire and water damaged items.

The all-in-one guide to disaster preparedness is available through CERF+, a national nonprofit organization that provides direct grants and loans to artists who need help in the event of an emergency.

See the unique construction of the Studio Protector in this video: 

The Studio Protector wall guide is available for $16.00 US plus S&H.   


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