What Artists and Arts Leaders are Saying About the Studio Protector

"No one truly imagines how difficult it would be to start over if a studio emergency were to hit them. I know people who say, 'I can't afford insurance or I'll back-up that information tomorrow.' The truth of the matter is that artists can't afford NOT to take care of their bodies of work, their records, and their history. The Studio Protector is a fun, readable, and easily accessible way to understand what every artist needs to know about emergency preparedness but doesn't want to think about. And, all organizations, like Penland, will want to share this with their students and members."
    --Jean McLaughlin, Executive Director, Penland School of Crafts

“When my whole town was evacuated because of fires I wasn't thinking clearly. I would have loved the instant comfort about what to do, what to take, how to protect my studio and thus how to be calmer. The Studio Protector would have helped me prepare ahead of time and act decisively.”
    --Lana Wilson, Potter, DelMar, CA

 "The Studio Protector should be hanging in every artist's studio, resource library, workshop, classroom, and office! Not only is the kit itself a work of art, it's full of simple tips that we all need to know in case of an emergency. Detailed but still accessible, fun and personal, I can't imagine a better tool -- or a better organization -- for tackling this complex and difficult issue with such humanity and style."

    --Caitlin Strokosch, Executive Director, Alliance of Artists' Communities

“…an engaging tool full of important information and practical advice to ensure artists are fully prepared for the unexpected and/or drastic disaster!”
   --Fidelma McGinn, Executive Director, Artist Trust

“This unique survival kit, created with the input of artists, is likely to become a quintessential tool in the future. As we know all too well, the realization that “this can happen to me” is a very difficult sell to folks who have never been affected by a natural disaster. This forward-thinking and detailed kit will serve our constituents well… one of the best and affordable investments that organizations or agencies can make in keeping artists working in safe and productive surroundings during challenging times. MAC will be ordering the Studio Protector “in bulk” to sustain and protect the artists and craftsmen in Mississippi.”
   --Malcolm White, Executive Director, Mississippi Arts Commission

“The Studio Protector is indispensable: it helps organize and prioritize what’s important; it strengthens ways artists can survive through difficult times,”
    --Ted Berger, Executive Director, Urban Artists Initiative/New York and Former Director, New York Foundation for the Arts


"I had to share with you the excitement that the Studio Protectors have generated.  We ordered 300 through the Louisiana Division of the Arts to use as membership premiums for artists.  We had great success in doing a year-end membership push among our Arts Market artists  (buy one get one at ½ price) with more than 60 renewing or signing up just this past week. 
We received the protectors from LDOA on Friday and over the two days of the Arts Market, I personally delivered them to the artists explaining the design process and the funders.  They were greeted with much excitement, hugs and tears of gratitude at thinking someone (CERF/JMF) cared enough for artists to expend this effort.
It was so rewarding for me to be able to hand the protectors directly to each artists and say that they were FOR artists BY artists – and that they  had been designed with full knowledge of exactly what artists had gone through, not only with the hurricanes our area had suffered, but with the many disasters nationwide where CERF had helped artists in its past…. that the protectors were not “fluff” gifts, but a sincere efforts to help each and every one of them for the future.   
Thanks to all of you for your commitment to the Studio Protector project.  They are truly wonderful and YOU ARE TRULY WONDERFUL."
  --Mary Len Costa, Interim President and CEO, Arts Council of New Orleans

"Having lived in Florida all of my life, I know the effects of hurricanes and volatile weather. [This] kit will help provide me with tools to survey the value of my artistic practice, studio and work, to document important information, and to understand how to recuperate and restore in the event of loss due to a natural disaster."

--Janis Brothers, an individual artist in Live Oak.


I believe this emergency preparedness planning tool sends the right message and amount of information to your intended audience. Your outstanding resource will bring excellent emergency planning information to artists-an important part of society who help communities before, during, and after disasters.

--W. Craig Fugate, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)