The Studio Protector Development Team

The Studio Protector Wall Guide was created by a team of artists and arts administrators and tested by artists working in a variety of disciplines around the United States. CERF wishes to thank all the artists and arts organizations who participated in the prototyping who contributed valuable feedback during the testing process. Please see Acknowledgments for a listing of organizations that made contributions to the Studio Protector. 


Cornelia Carey: CERF Executive Director

Meg Ostrum: Project Manager

Craig Nutt: Art Director

Carol Barton: Paper Engineer

Popular Kintetics web site

Dan Brawner: Illustrator

Dan Brawner's web site

Marilyn Murphy: Paintings and Drawings

Marilyn Murphy's Vanderbilt University web page


Henry Mangrum, Henry Mangrum Design, Nashville, TN

Becky Brawner, Unlikely Suburban Design, Nashville, TN

Graphic Designers